December 2015 CLARA Meeting

When and Where

December 4, 2015
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Tyler Junior College

Leadership Practice Three: Challenge the Process

Meeting Agenda

  • Breakfast
  • Keynote Address: Mike Metke, President, Tyler Junior College
  • Campus Tours
  • Networking Lunch with Tyler Junior College CLARA Alumni
  • Leadership Discussion and Activities
  • Chapter 6 Discussion and Activities (Facilitators: Group 5—Danny Aguirre, Kim Birdwell, Rosalind Y. Lang-Overall, Maggie Ruelle, and Demetrice S. Thompson)
  • Chapter 7 Discussion and Activities (Facilitators: Group 6—Kris Helge, Kandi Hoye-Nixon, Brian Kremer, and Traci Stonum)

Online Assignments

(due by Wednesday, December 2nd)

  • Read Chapter 6, “Search for Opportunities” (pp. 157-183) and Chapter 7 “Experiment and Take Risks” (pp. 185-211)
  • Complete Group Work
  • Post to the Discussion Board
  • Work on Individual Project