Tarrant County College Non-Algebraic Mathematics Pathway

Presented at: 12th Annual Developmental Education Regional Forum


Single Session

W 104

Presented by: 

Awtry, Tommy

Walker, Rosalyn


Tarrant County College is embarking on the district wide implementation of a non-algebraic mathematics pathway model. After a year long piloting effort a deliberate systematic approach will begin this summer to drastically move student's math success needle, while saving students time and money.


- Unveil timeline from research to exploration to pilot to implementation. - By the numbers: What are pilot data reports? - Benefits for the students - Keys to Success: All hands on deck - Collaboration

Full Description: 

Tarrant County College administration, faculty and staff will discuss how the 4 principles of reform from the New Mathways Project were adapted to meet the needs of Tarrant County College and the students we serve.