"Plunge Into It, Move With It, and Join the Dance"

Presented at: 12th Annual Developmental Education Regional Forum


Single Session

E 58

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Jones, Melisa


Piloting and fulling implementing a co-requisite model for INRW and Composition I has been a positive experience at Texarkana College for the faculty and students. A fully implemented course since Spring 2015, TC has data, strategies, curriculum, and challenges to share about this process.


Provide attendees with details about the pilot and full implementation process Share classroom strategies Reveal curriculum and sequencing Provide tips for implementation (challenges) Analyze data

Full Description: 

The presentation will focus on how Texarkana College approached piloting and fully implementing the co-requisite model of INRW and Composition I. Data from prior to the pilot through Fall 2016, will reveal the success of the model. Specific curriculum choices, sequences, and changes will be shared, as well as specific classroom strategies used by various professor teaching the courses. Attendees will be provided a list of challenges experienced at TC while implementing the courses. Also, a time for questions and answers will be provided. The information will be shared via Power Point and handouts will be provided too.