Single Session

G 118

Presented by: 

Lowry, Kim


Shifting economic and societal trends have reinvented the role of higher education into a resource for students looking for
accelerated pathways into the workplace and employers looking for defined skill-sets to fill jobs that were once accessible to high school graduates. Where a high school diploma served as the entry-level credential as recently as five years ago, today it no longer does. To achieve the state’s 60x30 overarching goal to increase the percentage of 25 to 34 year olds in Texas who hold a certificate or degree, Texas colleges and universities are continuously challenged to develop innovative models that connect program
curricula, students, and industry in workforce education. This session is designed to generate a round table discussion, facilitated by Dr. Kim Lowry, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success, among Texas college and university personnel regarding the role of competency-based education and prior learning assessment in developing pathways for students that acknowledge experiential learning toward program completion.