Marketable Skills Alignment

Presented at: Day Conference for Faculty Coordinators and Administrators


Single Session

Room 8107

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Sanders, Ron


The 60x30TX Strategic Plan requires that all graduates from Texas public institutions complete programs with identified marketable skills. The focus of our research and practice has been identification and alignment with marketable skills for the last five years. The investment made by TSTC leadership and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating board has resulted in 26 colleges aligning curriculum in more than 1,300 courses across 83 awards.

Align is web-based and powered by SkillsEngine ( that will enable colleges to document, update, and communicate marketable skills within curriculum. The core of the process is a carefully curated library of descriptive skills data mined from millions of job postings, public data and other sources. The "shared skills language" approach improves transparency in matching curriculum to marketable skills and defining gaps between curriculum and employer needs.

Skills are communicated using the O*NET content model, they can be analyzed, compared, and supplemented by public information resources such as O*NET, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Texas Workforce Commission. This opens up wide opportunities to build rich data sets to inform students about skills, occupations, and the job market to emphasize the value of higher education for the workforce.