Membership Dues

Membership Dues Guidelines and
Total Budget and Dues Figures for 2014-2015

Dues Guidelines

  • $1200 will be contributed by each member community college as a fixed rate.
  •  The Consortium may itself assume a portion of the annual dues.  For 2014-2015, the amount will be $32,000.
  •  The University of North Texas will assume salary and benefits costs for the two fulltime staff positions.
  •  The remaining amount assumed by member community colleges will be divided among colleges based on each institution’s contact hours generated as a percentage of total contact hours generated by all members.  Contact hour figures used will be those published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in its most recent annual Statistical Report.  For 2014-2015 dues, the 2013 Statistical Report will be used (THECB-Accountability System report including Academic, Continuing Education and Technical contact hours).  All contact hours generated in all categories will be included, i.e., figures used will be those in the “Total” column.
  •  Since Tulsa Community College reports credit hours rather than contact hours to the state of Oklahoma, a conversion from credit hours to contact hours will be made to determine the Tulsa Community College dues amount.

 Budget and Dues Figures:

Total Budget
(excluding salary and benefits for 2 UNT office employees): $ 172,446
Total Dues:
  Fixed Rate $1200 Amount   25,200
  Community College Contact Hour Funding 115,246
  Consortium Allocation 32,000
  Total: $ 172,446

* Approved by the Board of Directors of the North Texas Community College Consortium at its September 18, 2014 meeting.