McDonald's Corporation Archways to Opportunity

Mapping McDonald's Management Training to Community College Business Programs

Sponsored by North Texas Community College Consortium and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

When and Where

September 22, 2017
9 am to Noon
Multipurpose Room



North Texas Community College Consortium
1155 Union Circle #310800
Denton, TX 76203

Resources and Planning Documents

Thank you for attending our meeting on September 22, 2017.  The documents below are available for continued use with your institutional team. As you review these materials, please think about how this corporate training maps to your business program.  

  • McDonald's Archways to Opportunity Program Progress Report

This report provides an overview of the Archways to Opportunity program.

  • McDonald's Leadership Training Instructor Guide

  • McDonald's Leadership Training PowerPoint Presentations

  • McDonald's Department Management Capstone Facilitator Guide

  • McDonald's Department Management Capstone PowerPoint

These documents provide detailed information about the format and content of the McDonald's corporate training program.

  • McDonald's ACE Credit Recommendations

  • McDonald's ACE Course Guide Detail

  • McDonald's Ivy Tech Crosswalk

  • McDonald's Excelsior College Partnership

  • Colorado Technical University Course Articulation Worksheets for all Corporate Training

  • ACGM and WECM Courses for McDonald's Corporate Training Articulation Consideration

These documents show the credit recommendations made by the American Council on Education, the crosswalk that has been created between the corporate training program and Ivy Tech Community College, the partnership with Excelsior College, the worksheets created for Colorado Technical University to guide its articulation, and an inventory of ACGM and WECM courses for attendee use in McDonald's corporate training articulation consideration. 

Below is a small, curated collection of information on college-business partnerships provided by Tracey Armstrong, THECB.  You may find these useful as you share information about this initiative with stakeholders.

Tracy Armstrong has also provided the letter from David Gardner, Deputy Commissioner, Academic Planning and Policy, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, which she read at our meeting, and we have posted it below.

We have posted the recommendations that resulted from this meeting as the last file in the list below.  We are also sharing this information with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for use going forward.  We hope this work will be folded into WECM Programs of Study activities this year.  In addition, we will share updates on this work at the spring 2018 TACTE conference in Austin.

For additional information, please contact Christine Hubbard at ntccc@unt.edu (North Texas Community College Consortium) or Tracey Armstrong at tracey.armstrong@thecb.state.tx.us (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board).


Meeting Invitation Letter

Archways to Opportunity Meeting Agenda