March 2016 CLARA Meeting

When and Where

March 4, 2016

Tarrant County College - Center of Excellence for Aviation, Transportation and Logistics

Leadership Practice Five: Encourage the Heart

Meeting Agenda

  • Breakfast
  • Keynote Address: Elva LeBlanc, President, Tarrant County College Northwest Campus
  • Campus Tours
  • Networking Lunch with Tarrant County College CLARA Alumni
  • Leadership Discussion and Activities
  • Chapter 10 Discussion and Activities (Facilitators: Group 9—Doug Elrod, Christina Feldman, Jonathan Perez, and Cara Walker)
  • Chapter 11 Discussion and Activities (Facilitators: Group 10—Michael Dill, Rebecca Fonte, Natalie G. Greenwell, Veronica Luciano, and Matthew Taylor)

Online Assignments

(due by Wednesday, March 2nd)

  • Read Chapter 10 “Recognize Contributions” (pp. 273-299) and Chapter 11 “Celebrate the Values and Victories” (pp. 301-328)
  • Complete Group Work
  • Post to the Discussion Board
  • Work on Individual Project