Faculty Innovation Conference

Inspiring Ideas: Innovative Strategies to Facilitate Student Engagement and Success

Sponsored by North Texas Community College Consortium and Hill College

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November 3, 2017
HILCO Civic & Event Center, 1000 S. Files Street, Itasca, TX 76055

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Featured Keynote Presentation:  Integrating Academic and Career Development:  Strategies to Scale Experiential Learning and Reflection Across the Curriculum

Critiques from parents and employers about undergraduates that lack the skills necessary to succeed post-graduation are growing ever louder and this negative attention has affected both institutional and program enrollment. This presentation will address the veracity of media and employer claims and profile the colleges and universities pioneering high-impact career preparation by integrating experiential learning and in-demand skills into the academic curriculum with a particular focus on the liberal arts. Finally, the research will address how traditional career preparation and experiential learning has failed to reach at-risk populations and profile institutions that have excelled at engaging these typically underrepresented groups.

Stephen Teske, Research Consultant, Education Advisory Board (EAB) Academic Affairs Forum

Stephen Teske is a research consultant with EAB’s Academic Affairs Forum.  Dr. Teske has helped develop research on academic space utilization, impactful financial data communication, and undergraduate and graduate student career development.

Prior to joining EAB Dr. Teske earned a PhD in history from the University of California, Riverside where he also served on the Graduate Student Senate and edited Cornerstone, an undergraduate historical research journal.  In addition to his doctoral degree, Dr. Teske holds an MA in history from Ohio University, and a bachelor’s degree from Hobart College in history and classics.  His doctoral research examined the political and religious ramifications of local fundraising efforts to finance parish church reconstruction after the Great Fire of London in 1666.



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