21st Annual Fall Leadership Conference


Sponsored by The North Texas Community College Consortium, the Consortium Leadership and Renewal Academy, and the Consortium Board of Directors

When and Where

September 18, 2015
8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Grayson College
Center for Workplace Learning

About the Conference

The NTCCC Annual Fall Leadership Conference is the Consortium's kick-off event for the academic year and is sponsored by the North Texas Community College Consortium, the Consortium Board of Directors, and the Consortium Leadership and Renewal Academy (CLARA) Advisory Council.

With a focus on leadership in higher education, the Fall Leadership Conference is the inaugural meeting for the incoming CLARA cohort, as well as serving as the graduation event for the outgoing CLARA cohort. Featuring leadership-related keynote addresses, luncheon speakers, concurrent breakout sessions, and round-table discussions, the Fall Leadership Conference is valuable for anyone who is in a position of leadership in institutions of higher education, is interested in leadership positions, desires to be more effective and influential in their current position, wants to know the latest in leadership trends, is looking for an opportunity to meet, interact, and network with leaders from other area institutions of higher learning.

The Fall Leadership Conference is the setting for the first of three formal Board of Directors meetings for the academic year, installing the new Board Chairman, welcoming new members, and finalizing the budget and plans for the coming academic period. The Conference also plays host to many of the Consortium's standing committee meetings.

The Fall Leadership Conference provides opportunity for participation as a

Subject Matter Expert (presenter, discussion board panelist),
Experienced participant (roundtable discussions, breakout sessions)
Beginner or novice.

The Fall Leadership Conference accepts sponsorships from higher education-related organizations who are interested in reaching the decision-makers in our audience. For details, see our sponsorship page.


Program Highlights

Recognition of 2014-2015 CLARA Program Graduates and 2014-2015 CLARA Coordinator Gerald Stanglin

Recognition of the 2nd Annual Jesse Jones Leadership Award Recipient: Dr. William Coppola, President, Tarrant County College Southeast Campus

A Brief History of the North Texas Community College Consortium: Al Smith, Founding Executive Director, NTCCC; with Jesse Jones, President Emeritus, NTCCC


Keynote Video


Keynote Addresses

Updates from the 84th Legislative Session: Impacts on Community Colleges , Rex Peebles , Assistant Commissioner, Academic Quality and Workforce , Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Cultivating Followership to Facilitate Shared Governance , Mary Saunders , Director, TWU Leadership Institute , Texas Woman's University


Conference Sessions



North Texas Community College Consortium
1155 Union Circle #310800
Denton, TX 76203


Participation Stats

182 Attendees from 37 Institutions and Campuses

Brookhaven College - 6
Cedar Valley College - 5
Collin College - 10
Dallas County Community
  College District - 6
Eastfield College - 4
El Centro College - 5
Grayson College - 17

Hill College - 1
Kilgore College - 1
LeCroy Center for Educational
  Telecommunications - 2
Mountain View College - 8
North Central Texas College - 29
North Lake College - 1

North Texas Community
  College Consortium - 7
Northeast Texas Consortium of
  Colleges and Universities - 1
Paris Junior College - 4
Richland College - 6

Tarrant County College
  District - 44

    Northeast Campus - 4
    Northwest Campus - 5
    South Campus - 5
    Southeast Campus - 12
    Trinity River Campus - 6
    District Office - 12

Texas Higher Education
  Coordinating Board - 1
Texas Wesleyan University - 1
Texas Woman's University - 2
Trinity Valley Community
  College - 5
Tyler Junior College - 9
University of North Texas - 4
Vernon College - 3

Fall Leadership Announcement

Fall Leadership Event Summary

Fall Leadership Conference Program

Attendance Roster

Breakout Sessions

Round 1 - 12:40 to 1:30 pm

Presented by: Rex Peebles - LA 202
Presented by: Mary Saunders - LA 204
Presented by: David Pearse - LA 205
Presented by: Stevie Blakely - Tara Lawrence Firmin - LA 207
Presented by: Deva Arumugam - Teresa Isbell - LA 208

Round 2 - 1:40 to 2:30 pm

Presented by: Cindy Briggs - LA 202
Presented by: Debbie Sharp - Emily Klement - Donna Uptergrove - LA 204
Presented by: Justine White - Mary Wood - Toni Whalen - LA 205
Presented by: Deandria Reed-Shaw - LA 207

Round 3 - 2:40 to 3:30 pm

Presented by: Garry Evans - LA 202
Presented by: Jennifer Hawkins - Fred Schmidt - LA 204
Presented by: Debbie Smarr - Dayna Ford - Barbara Malone - LA 205
Presented by: Derrick Payne - Rachel Royal - LA 207
Presented by: Susan Hall - Terri Edrich - George Marquez - LA 208