Pathways + Partnerships = 60x30TX

Presented at: 22nd Annual Fall Leadership Conference

Round 1 - 10:40 - 11:30 am

Single Session

Room: TBA

Presented by: 

Endres, Debbie

Klement, Emily

Mannion, Diane

Cooper, Susan

Wolf, Danelle


Educational trends come and go. The pathway/partnership model has the potential of reshaping community colleges by creating a relatively seamless pipeline for students. What are pathways and how can they be created? What partnerships should community colleges invest in? The program will provide attendees an overview of successful partnerships and pathways at North Central Texas College, as well as the challenges that surface in implementation.


1. Share information regarding best practices in pathways and partnerships at NCTC.
2. Understand the connection between pathways/partnerships and 60x30TX
3. Explore common challenges and solutions

Full Description: 

Presentation Outline:
I. 60x30TX : Just another slogan or possbility?
A. Past programs in Texas
B. The difference

II. Describe 2 fold partnerships
A. High Schools/Dual Credit
- Best practices for effective/efficient programs
- CTE/Dual Credit
B. University Partnerships
- Best practices
-Pathway maps
- Challenges

III. Question & Answer