Nursing Student Success in Project SOAR

Presented at: 22nd Annual Fall Leadership Conference

Round 1 - 10:40 - 11:30 am

Single Session

Room: TBA

Presented by: 

Hamilton, Susan


Project SOAR is a HRSA Federal grant implemented in the Nursing Department at the TCC Trinity River East campus. Nursing students have shown dramatic improvements in their grades, study skills and use of academic resources while in the program during the Spring 2016 semester.
The Project Coordinator will discuss the objectives of the program, program implementation and outcomes. A review of the program's curriculum will be discussed. Personal reviews from students will be shared.


1) Discuss Project SOAR's 5 main objectives.
2) Explain Project SOAR's implementation.
3) Review Project SOAR's dramatic and positive outcomes.
4) Present Project SOAR's unique curriculum.
5) Share personal student participant reviews of the program.

Full Description: 

SOAR's overall objective is to increase diversity in nursing by supporting academically at-risk diverse nursing students in TCC's department of nursing while enrolled in school. This includes not only ethnically diverse students, but also those at an educational and/or financial disadvantage (definitions provided.) The specific 5 SOAR objectives are: At least 85% of Project participants will be retained semester-to-semester or will complete the TCC Nursing Program; At least 85% of Program participants will demonstrate an increase in academic skills required for success in the TCC Nursing Program as measured by pre- and post- assessments; At least 90% of Project participants will demonstrate an increase in social and behavioral skills targeted by their customized learning plan; at least 80% of the TCC Nursing Department will have an increased understanding of social determinants; and at least 85% of Project participants will demonstrate an increased understanding of social determinants of health.
SOAR's implementation will be reviewed chronologically.
Outcomes will be presented. Only 1 of the program participants failed her second nursing course and is now out of the program. Participants improved test grades from 50-66% to 86-88%, LASSI scores improved, study habits improved (examples given.)
The curriculum includes: Metacognition, Effective Reading, Tie Management, Stress Management, Memory, Concentration, Test Strategies, Cultural Competence and distinctive nursing topics such as nursing care plans and dosage calculation. Examples will be shared.
Personal accounts from participating students will be reviewed including: "Project SOAR has been a great source of support. It has helped me to learn new study strategies to be able to succeed in nursing school. Ms. Hamilton brought light of hope back to me;" Not having the right resources to be successful each semester, until I found Project SOAR; "...helping us to achieve our goal by teaching us how to study better in order for us to be good nurses."