Engaging our Community of Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Presented at: 22nd Annual Fall Leadership Conference

Round 1 - 10:40 - 11:30 am

Single Session

Room: TBA

Presented by: 

Greenwell, Natalie

Blalock, Jennifer


Workforce training, certifications and development are increasingly becoming more important to funding sources, i.e. the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act). Colleges recognize the importance of embracing a larger role in the economic development/workforce system (economic ecology) but do not always have an efficient entry to local business and industry. Learn how one college used an annual national event


Communicate best practices for creating an event with multiple stakeholders
Show how re-introducing corporate and continuing education to the local community can lead to stronger community engagement.
Plan for measurable outcomes such as economic impact, expanded training capacity, increased enrollment

Full Description: 

The presentation will include the following segments: Welcome and Introductions (from Collin College)
Background, Idea origination (Collin College's growing interest in Workforce programs, Capital One Foundation retreat, annual National Small Business Administration Week)
Vision, Funding and Resources, Talent, Timing (Engage business and industry at their entrepreneurship threshold, use some grant dollars and many more in-kind, bring in speakers with national presence - author, Doug Sandler, Shark Tank funded CEO, Sharon Bui, align event to coincide with National SBA Small Business Week)
Plan of Execution (pull together CE teams and hold inaugural Small Business BIG IDEAS Week May 2 - 6, 2016
Reported Outcomes, Failures (Attendance, Activities, Panelists, Locations, Enrollment, Return on Investments)
Learning points for next year's event (What will grow the event, how to align with College's strategic plan)
Summary, Take-a-ways and Questions (self explanatory)