AAC&U GEMs Pathways Project

Presented at: 22nd Annual Fall Leadership Conference

Round 2 - 1:00 to 1:50 pm

Single Session

Room: TBA

Presented by: 

Rousey, Doris

Butler, Joe

Williamson, Celia


Facilitated by NTCCC, universities and community colleges throughout the DFW Metroplex have developed a common template for AAS to BAAS transfer, building efficiencies for students, advisors and institutions. Four institutions, Collin College, Dallas County Community College District, University of North Texas, and NTCCC have been invited to participate in the AAC&U GEMs Pathways Project as a result. This session will explain the new template, demonstrate how to use it in promoting transfer success, and discuss the regional, state, and national implications of this work.